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Which English Oven loaves are suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Does English Oven bread contain L-cysteine (E920)?

Which English Oven products are Egg free, Nut free and Milk free?

Is your plant certified for Food safety?

Do your Breads contain Artificial color and Flavour?

Which all grains do you use in Multigrain Bread ?

Why is there salt in bread?

Why is there soya in bread?

Do you use iodised salt?

Which flour treatment agent do you use? Do you use brominate?

Do your breads contain TRANS fats?

Do you use caramelized sugar?

Does your Bread contain Honey?

Is your process and product handled and managed by Technically qualified professionals?

Where does your emulsifiers E471 and E472e come from?

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