A journey that began for the love of baking.

Who we are
World-class Quality
our Capabilities
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Who We are

A journey which began with
a single loaf.

"When an organization is born out of love for making the best, the outcome is an incredible line.”
- Mrs Rajni Bector

A young housewife who followed her passion in bakery. She started with making ice cream at home using a hand churner, soon she set up a small bakery to start baking delicious desserts and breads. Her recipes were so good, word of mouth was all it took for the delicious aroma of her indulgent bakes to spread in the local community. That’s how Mrs bector Foods specialities limited was born.

While the early stage of Mrs Bector's business were humble, her journey has been nothing short of inspirational. From catering to family, friends, and known circles to later establishing Mrs Bector foods specialities limited. Mrs Rajni Bector now caters to customers and families around the country. Mrs bector food specialities limited today is a company with revenues of more than USD 100 Million and customers far and wide in more that 64 Countries around the world.

Mrs bector has been awarded the Padma Shree in 2021 for her service to Industry. An inspiration to young mothers and entrepreneurs who aspire to create a Delicious of legacy. The name English Oven comes with the promise of homely quality, consistent taste, and a motherly care.

World-class Quality

Baking the perfect bunss
since 1980

Known for Mrs. Bector’s fluffy, soft burger buns since the 1980s, English Oven transformed into a leading brand across India, winning appreciation from consumers and industry leaders alike. Manufacturing bakery products from sweet to savoury, gourmet to Indian delicacies, English Oven has become one of the largest selling premium bakery brands in India, across leading metropolitan cities.

Supported by world-class & fully automated manufacturing units, our central focus has been on providing unparalleled quality. With a diverse portfolio that comprises over 100 SKUs, we take pride in creating a vibrant menu, which stands out in the entire FMCG category.

1 day=1.2 million buns=13+ buns per second

our Capabilities

Bringing breads from across
the globe, to your homes

"For a journey that began in our humble home,
English Oven stands tall as a world class
manufacturer of bakery products

We produce our products from 3 state of the art manufacturing units. English Oven has steadily grown as one of the largest selling brands in India. Our Fresh Bakery is available to customers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and 45 more North Indian cities. Now available across India, at leading retail outlets. Choose from a world of breads, made with love.

A testament of our quality has been our strong relations with our business partners. We service Quick Service Recusants/ Casual Dining restaurants and hotels. With our products, we are proud provide variety, affordability, and quality bakery products to restaurants and homes across India

Did you Know!!

Mrs Bector’s is the largest Bun
producer in India.

English Oven can Freeze Bakery products using Individual Quick Freeze Technology. This means, our business partners can serve delicious Mrs Bector’s breads not only in India, but also around the world.

Mrs. Bector loves baking a variety of lip-smacking breads. Bringing the delicious new items she bakes every day, to homes across India.

This includes Sliced breads, Burger Buns, Footlong breads, Paninis!! We also bake your favourite Pav, Kulcha, among many other exciting bakes.

Corporate AV

A journey of a million breads began here.