What you will need!

Falafel Patties:

200gms Chickpeas, boiled

50gms Fresh Herbs (Coriander, Mint, Basil, Parsley, Dill and Spring Onion)

2gms Garlic paste

2gms Sesame Seeds

50gms Onion

2gms Cumin Powder

2gms Cayenne Powder

1gm Baking Powder

Salt, as per taste

Pepper, as per taste

Lemon Juice, as per taste

Oil for frying


Ingredients for Assembly:

1pc English Oven Olive Sub

5gms Butter

15gms Lettuce

10gms Cucumber, cubed

10gms Tomato, cubed

10gms Olives, sliced

How to make

Putting it together

In a blender, add all the ingredients for Falafel Patties except the Sesame seeds and blitz it. But make sure it’s chunky


Transfer it into a bowl and refrigerate for 30mins and then shape them into patties.


Heat the oil on medium-high and fry until golden brown crispy.


Heat a grill pan on low heat and melt some butter


Take an English Oven Olive Sub bread and toast it until golden brown lines form


Layer it with lettuce, falafel patties and fresh cut veggies


Drizzle spicy mayo on top of the veggies and close the sandwich


It’s time to grill the sandwich until it’s crispy.


Slice it into two and enjoy the Falafel Sub!